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Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson: Summary and Notes 

One sentence summary: Russel Brunson’s Traffic Secrets is the best guide for driving internet traffic to your online venture.

One Paragraph summary: In Traffic Secrets, Russel Brunson goes in-depth on what it takes to grow an online venture organically. He not only offers tips and tricks on how to succeed on various social media platforms but provides a wholesome philosophy on how to approach the business of attracting paying customers to your site.

Favorite quote from the author:

“There are two ways that your dream customers will find you: either they’re going to search for you or they’re going to interact with things that interest them where you will interrupt them.”

The more I interact with books and podcasts by Russel Brunson, the more I get impressed. The guy really knows his stuff. No wonder he has managed to attract millions of followers and create a company worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Main takeaways from Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson

Russel’s most remarkable idea is that you don’t have to search for traffic as it is already there. The people you are looking to sell your stuff to are already congregating online, and your job is to funnel them to your site. This strategy has worked marvelously well for Brunson since his school days, and as he says in his other book, he is the reluctant hero who has to share what he knows because it is the morally responsible thing to do.

After reading three of his publications, I think he is right to share what he knows, even at the expense of his freedom and time, because Brunson’s ideas have the potential to transform your business and life for good.

Main takeaways from Start With Why by Simon Simek

  1. The traffic is already there

  2. Follow The Golden Circle: Why, How, and What

  3. Master one platform at a time

  4. The best growth strategy is to grow organically

  5. It has worked for others; it will work for you too

Lesson 1: The traffic is already there

As I noted earlier, Brunson’s big idea is that traffic already exists and is waiting on you. In other words, your potential customers are already congregating online. They are on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Your only goal is to redirect them to your site.

The traffic is also available at your competitor’s sites, and if you can study their tactics and copy them, you too will be guaranteed the same level of success. For this concept, Bruson tells his readers to create what he refers to as the Dream 100.These are a group of entrepreneurs that have made it in the niche that you want to venture in, and because they have made it, copying them will at least guarantee you the same level of success.

“The Dream 100 is the key foundation for traffic and the key foundation for your entire business because it helps you to figure out how to position your offers and tell your stories.”

Brunson points out that even if you don't have an idea of what you are doing, you still have the option of copying the tactics of your competitors. More so, there are countless tutorials on finding and redirecting traffic on sites such as Facebook and Reddit. All you have to do is follow the tactics suggested to you and hit it big.

Lesson 2: Imagine your dream customer

Who is your dream customer? Do you know what they look like? For Brunson, these are essential questions. He asks readers to imagine their dream customers and create an avatar of them. Your goal as a product seller should be to know much more about your potential client than they know about themselves. You should understand how their thinking process leads them to buy something online and hack or interrupt that process.

To get to know more about your clients — okay, future clients — find them via the Dream 100 or the businesses or people who are already interacting with them online.

Lesson 3: Master one platform at a time

Beginners want to be successful on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms all at once. This, according to Brunson, is a bad strategy; you want to master one platform before moving to the next.

This makes sense because the people you are likely to find on Facebook are also the same fellows congregating on Instagram. At the same time, mastery of one platform requires time, and resources and being everywhere is likely to spread you thin.

Here are a few strategies to follow for different social media platforms

  • Facebook Facebook is perhaps the most viable platform for generating traffic. It has billions of people and many communities and groups that entrepreneurs can tap into. If you can build a page or a group that shows interest in a particular product or service and share it with people with similar goals and aspirations, then you can start building a list of clientele. Your Facebook page needs to be optimized and should be very direct on what you are offering.

  • Aside from your page and groups, you can also leverage the power of other people’s groups and share content that starts conversations. To engage a large number of people, use Messenger bots.

  • YoutubeOn Youtube, create simple thumbnails as most people watch Youtube videos on their phones and creating intricate thumbnails might not be the best idea. Also, keep your video length ideal. Between ten to twelve minutes long.

  • InstagramBrunson makes the case that Instagram is very personal because people don’t follow companies or big brands more than they follow people. Thus, when looking to engage on Instagram, make your posts as relatable as possible.

Lesson 4: The best growth strategy is to grow organically

Advertising on social media is okay, and it can earn you some well-paying customers, but if you really want to grow, you must learn how to attract customers without paying a penny. The last time I read something similar, it was in Traction another excellent book on growth. Where else have I heard that before? In a 1996 essay by Bill Gates titled Content is King. Bill Gates argued that future winners of the internet would be the guys who produce quality content — it remains true today.

As an online entrepreneur, you need to write engaging copy and create content that resonates with the reader. A good place to start is by having a blog filled with keywords that are likely to drive eyeballs to your site. You should also create a hub or a website filled with stuff that is so good that other people want to redirect traffic to it. Doing that will help you tap into markets that other distributors have already established. Using affiliates is also a great strategy for driving traffic to your site.

Brunson is a big fan of organic growth. His other book, Dotcom Secrets , implies that the way to grow your sales funnel is to drive hot, cold, and warm traffic with different types of content. In other words, you want to treat each customer segment differently based on what they already know about your product or your brand.

I can spend a lifetime telling you guys how to attract paying customers to your site, but if you are really interested in mastering the stuff, read Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson. The guy has the remarkable habit of telling it all.

Lesson 5: It has worked for others; it will work for you too

I have listened to podcasts by Russel Brunson and read most of his books, and there is some hidden message in everything he says — it has worked for others; it will work for you too.

The first thing he means by this is that you don’t have to overthink anything. Just copy what others are doing, and you will be fine. While copying the tactics of the Dream 100 will get you results, you have to find a niche that you are passionate about. Competing directly with established brands is not ideal because well, they are well already established, but if you can identify a submarket that no one is paying attention to and apply the same tactics they have used to stay ahead, you will do just fine.

The other thing that Brunson implies with it has worked for others is that his millions of followers, most of whom are online entrepreneurs, have achieved great results by buying into his ideas. I know this because the first time I readDotcom Secrets I knew I had to change how I approached my online business, and guess what? It worked. I started seeing better results right away

If you want to read my main takeaways from Dotcom Secrets, you can do it here

Wrap Up

The more I interact with written or audio content from Russel Brunson, the more I appreciate the man. I understand why he can sway millions of people. His tips are practical, and his results are proven. What I loved the most about Traffic Secrets is the in-depth analysis of what works in various social media platforms. I suggest you read it to find out more.

Who Would I recommend the Book To?

If you are looking to make quick and honest money online, read this book. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, this is also the book for you.


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